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In the summer of 2019, we welcomed individuals of any age or art ability to stop by the Fassett GreenSpace to help make tiles for our mosaic project. We were awarded funds by the Tri County Arts Council for a community-created 3’x5’ mosaic that is placed at the entrance of our garden. Because of the grant, children and adult community members were able to work together to create a long-term art installation under the guidance of local ceramic artist, Alex Minnick.  


At these work sessions, participants prepared clay, glazed pieces, and assembled the mosaic as a team. The design of the mosaic incorporated over 150 small vegetables and many green tiles to fit with the Fassett GreenSpace’s theme of healthy living. The design also incorporated historical materials from the Fassett Hotel, such as keys pressed into clay, old brick pieces, and other artifacts. 


The Wellsville Creative Art Center offered to host the workshops during days with inclement weather. The art center generously helped propel this project forward by providing multiple glazes, storing the tiles made during these workshops, and firing them in their kilns. Many beginner artists and experienced ceramists at Wellsville Creative Art Center worked tirelessly to create tiles for the work. 


We would also like to thank the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation whose Design and Access Legacy funds allowed us to build the kiosk. The kiosk, built by Sam Horowitz, features a bulletin board, a living green roof, and solar lights. 

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