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We are a grassroots nonprofit based in Wellsville, NY. Our main project has been revitalizing an abandoned lot on Main Street into a public garden and community center called the Fassett GreenSpace. 

Mission Statement

Art For Rural America enriches quality of life through art, culture, and sustainability experiences for all people in our community.

Vision Statement

Art For Rural America seeks to cultivate healthy and thriving rural communities where people create common ground. 

Organizational Values

At Art For Rural America, we are: 

  • AUTHENTIC: We honor our collective past and stay true to who we are. 

  • RESPONSIBLE: We operate with integrity and transparency to ensure trust. 

  • INCLUSIVE: We create safe and welcoming spaces to empower people and promote community health. 

  • CREATIVE: We embrace possibility and seek to innovate in unexpected ways.  

  • PLAYFUL: We invite spontaneity and fun in everything we do.  

  • GENEROUS: We offer our time, passion, and resources to encourage positive change and inspire others.  

  • COLLABORATIVE: We partner with individuals and organizations to build a better future, together. 

The AFRA Team

Board Members

Cassandra Bull, President

Andrew Harris, Vice President

Elaine Hardman, Secretary

Andy Glanzman

Lorraine Axtell

Team Members

Nate Piscitelli, Architectural Consultant

Heather Niedermaier Joyce, Little Free Library Coordinator

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