Since 2017, we have been designing and building our vision of the Fassett GreenSpace. In 2021, we are hoping to finalize our last construction phase of the garden and will then focus on programming and maintenance. The annual costs to maintain the garden are $2,800, and the board's current plan is to have 25 sustaining donors that pledge $10 per month to keep the garden alive. 

Our grand hope is to leverage an endowment of approximately $65,000 that would perennially cover the cost of our operating expenses. 

Please consider becoming a sustaining member of our garden by clicking on the donate button below. For now, if you would like to donate the old-fashioned way, checks made out to Art for Rural America are tax-deductible and can be mailed to PO Box 126, Wellsville, NY 14895. Please email us if you would like a letter with our EIN for tax purposes. Every donation counts for an organization as small as ours.

Our annual operating expenses:

  • Insurance Policy | $450

  • Taxes | $150

  • Electricity | $100

  • PO Box | $90

  • Mowing Services | $450

  • Annual Plants (seeds, flowers, herbs, vegetables) | $400

  • Winter plants / bulbs | $180

  • Fertilizer / Compost | $160

  • Contingency / emergency savings / misc. | $640

  • Icloud camera storage | $180

                                  = $2,800


Post Office Box 126, Wellsville, NY 14895

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