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Making the Centerpiece Fountain with
Bill Underhill

The Fassett GreenSpace was originally intended to host a fountain as the centerpiece of the meditation labyrinth. After construction costs made our vision seem less and less likely, the Garman Family Foundation graciously awarded our organization additional funding to ensure our vision was maintained.

In a moment of serendipity, AFRA board members were approached by Wellsville resident and world-famous bronze artist, Bill Underhill, who was interested in creating a custom artwork for the space. The fountain – designed and made by Bill Underhill, with assistance from students of Coral Lambert, Alfred University professor of sculpture – was completed in the summer of 2019. It was cast in bronze at Alfred University’s National Casting Center Foundry in Alfred, NY. Underhill was a Professor Emeritus of Alfred University and in his tenure, designed and created the King Alfred statue located in the center of Alfred University's campus. Underhill passed away in February 2022


This act truly symbolizes the communal element of the Fassett GreenSpace, and illustrates the shear number of stakeholders interested in volunteering their time to promote the impact and sustainability of the public garden.